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What's Included

  • 90+ Business, Marketing & Music Tutorial Videos

  • 50+ Outlines & Guides

  • Access To Get Down Community

Inside The Course

  • 1

    Introduction: Get Down University

    • Get Down University - Intro Video

    • Intro to GDU by Gary W.

    • Intro to GDU by Cream

  • 2

    LESSON 1: Systems, Software & Tools (Setting Up For Success)

    • Tips on Downloading and Organizing Music

    • DJ Rescue: Setting up Serato DJ for Success

    • DJ Rescue: Control Signal

    • DJ Rescue: Serato Box

    • DJ Rescue - Setting Up Your CDJs

    • DJ Rescue: How to Set Up Turntables

    • DJ Rescue: How to Set Up and Use USBs

    • How to Create a Unique DJ Livestream

    • Tools - Audacity (Application)

    • Tools - DemoDrop (Website)

    • Tools - Hypeddit (Website)

    • Tools - Loom (Website)

    • Tools - Mixed In Key (Application)

    • Tools - Stemverter (Application)

  • 3

    LESSON 2: How to Have a Successful DJ Performance

    • How to Build a Night

    • How to Read a Crowd

    • How To Open A Room Properly

    • Additional Opener Stuff

    • Organizing Music - Opening

    • How To Headline A Room

    • Organizing Music - Headlining

    • How to Close a Night

    • Nightlife Energy Arc

    • How to Use the Mic

    • Using BPMs to Your Advantage. How Many Songs Ahead Should I Be Thinking?

    • Dealing With Requests

    • What To Keep In Your DJ BAG

    • Curated Playlists

  • 4

    LESSON 3: Networking & Making Industry Connections

    • Networking

    • How To Get Your Music onto Record Pools & in the Right Peoples' Ears

    • How To Send Your Music to Other DJs

    • Sample Emails and DMs

    • Create Your Own Promo Email List

  • 5

    LESSON 4: Marketing & Social Media Content

    • Marketing Intro

    • Positioning Your Brand

    • Marketing Mindset

    • How To Attract Our Ideal Clients

    • Complete Instagram Optimization Guide (CIO)

    • Understanding Instagram

    • Instagram Bios That Convert

    • Instagram Bio’s That Convert (Guide & Templates)

    • Paid Instagram Growth

    • Creating Social Proof

    • Creating Your Referral Program

    • Creating Irresistible Offers

    • Your Marketing Playbook

    • Importance Of Creating Omnipresence

    • Omnipresence System & Method

    • Pre Production & Digital Distribution

    • Youtube Thumbnail Hack

    • Fully Optimize Your Youtube Video

    • Copywriting Crash Course (Highly Affective)

    • Copywriting Crash Course Part 2

    • Content Organization On Dropbox

    • Canva Walkthrough (Free Site For Digital Assets)

    • Building Your First Website

    • Getting Your Domain

    • Connecting Your Domain

    • Marketing Language

  • 6

    LESSON 5: Know Your Market, Book Gigs & Build Residencies

  • 7

    LESSON 6: Pricing

    • Pricing

    • Sample Event Contract

    • Sample Venue Contract

  • 8

    LESSON 7: Becoming a Professional DJ

    • Maintaining Professionalism In The Nightlife Industry

    • Patience is a Virtue

    • Be Productive and Stay on Task

    • Morning Routine

    • Focus

    • Creating Smart Goals. Preparing for Success.

    • Set Up Your iPhone to Work FOR YOU

    • How To Configure Your iPhone to Work For You, Not Against You

    • Podcasts

  • 9

    LESSON 8: Build an Actual Business

    • DJing Is Your Full Time Job

    • Creating Your Business Overview

    • Example: Get Down DJ Group (2020 Business Overview)

    • How To Run A Profitable DJ Business

    • What is Your 60 Second Elevator Pitch

    • Cream 60 Second Elevator Pitch Example

    • Importance of LLC

    • Advantages and Disadvantages of LLCing

    • A Deeper Look Into LLCing

    • Basic Accounting and Book Keeping Strategies

    • Best Business Applications & Sites

  • 10

    BONUS LESSSON - Production Tips

    • Production Hack - Finding Acapellas

    • Production Hack - How to Arrange your Edits

    • Production Hack - Creating Mashup Ideas

    • How To Get Your Music onto Record Pools and in the Right Peoples' Ears

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Meet Your Instructors

Senior Instructor

Anthony Colasurdo (Cream)

Cream has spent the last 10 years honing his craft in and around the New Jersey/New York City club scene. With residencies at some of the hottest clubs in the area, such as Birch in Hoboken, D’Jais in Belmar and Harrah’s Pool in Atlantic City, along with numerous monthly spots, he is one of the top DJs in his market. Cream's music has been featured on various blogs and record pools and he is one of the featured exclusive remix artists on Digital Music Pool. In 2019, his Marshmello & Bastille Happier vs. Alone Edit received “Best Mashup” award at the iHeart Radio/Remix Top 30 Countdown Awards in Miami, FL. Cream also works with some of the top companies in NYC DJing events for the likes of Google, Hyatt, Ketel One, Red Bull, Sephora, Westfield, and YouTube among others. In 2017, Cream co-founded Get Down DJs with Gary W with the goal of creating a more positive, supportive DJ community and giving hard working, up and coming DJs an opportunity to work and network with their peers. With Get Down University, they have expanded those core principles to coach and mentor DJs in navigating the nightlife industry and helping them build a profitable DJ business.

Senior Instructor

Gary Wohlrab (GaryW)

Gary W., Co-founder Of Get Down Dj Group, has been djing in the NY/NJ nightlife scene for almost 20 years. He started Djing at 12 years old and held his first nightlife residency at the young age of 17. Gary has held residencies all over the NY Metropolitan area including Morristown, Hoboken, Jersey City and New York City. Venues have ranged from major nightclubs to upscale sports bars to local dive bars. His style of mixing Old School Hip Hop, Pop, House, Reggae and Sing Alongs makes him versatile and a great fit for a variety of nightlife venues. After many years of working alone, GaryW. teamed up with Dj Cream to create Get Down Dj Group. In doing so, they not only have grown their brands respectively but have helped other DJs navigate their way in a competitive industry that hasn’t always promoted collaboration. The Get Down brand always emphasizes positivity, community and cohesive action! With Get Down University, they have expanded those core principles to coach and mentor DJs in navigating the nightlife industry and helping them build a profitable DJ business.

Marketing and Content Instructor

Brandon Barris

Over the past 3 years Brandon has worked with some of the most prestigious brands on social media. From the likes of Gerard Adams (430k followers On Instagram), Leaders Create Leaders (The biggest conscious leadership show in the world, racking in millions of views a year), Kim Kaupe (Owner of the superfan company which works with artists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Shawn Mendes), and z100 (The biggest radio station in NYC), and Coach Bowie (Responsible for 20 Million in sales) to name a few! Brandon has worked with these brands above in many different capacities. He’s done everything from content creation to full fledged marketing campaigns! He’s even written some powerful copy (Email & Instagram Captions) that have generated thousands & thousands of dollars. There’s really nothing Brandon can’t do when it comes to building a powerful online brand. He’s taken photos for some of the top dogs in the industry, he’s edited HIGH LEVEL video clips & he’s truly an expert at building a brand on social media! He was able to take his brand a couple months ago from 700 followers & a couple clients to now 12k+ followers & clients flooding his DM’s non stop! He’s actually going to share the exact strategy with you guys in this course! He’s been able to help companies make well over 25k a month with the right messaging, targeting & optimization. Over the past 8 months Brandon has played a huge part in scaling two businesses “Leaders Create Leaders” & “Automate & Scale” to well over 30k+ a month! Brandon is truly an absolute professional when it comes to branding & marketing yourself! He’s even a SUPER BEAST behind the lens.

What Our Student DJs Are Saying

Angelo The Kiid

For the last 9 months being around Gary, Cream, and Brandon I’ve learned so much when it comes to marketing and presenting value as a DJ. They’ve also taught me the best ways of getting my foot in the door with venues. You do not want to miss out on a course like this with the amount of knowledge coming from these 3 people. 10 years into 3 months sounds like an easy deal for me.

JD Stein

I came across an opportunity that I felt was too difficult to pass up. Not because I'm looking to cut corners or looking for a hand out but because I know that it's about working smarter, not harder. When I first met Cream, I knew he was going to change the game and do something special, and I truly believe he is creating that with Get Down DJs and now with Get Down University. I'm excited and looking forward to taking my business to the next level.

Chris Camp

I’ve found everything valuable so far, especially the marketing material. I’ve already been booked at a new venue with the possibility of a residency. I’ve been throwing boat parties this entire summer that have gone over really well, and this weekend I’m going to apply a lot of marketing material to build up an omnipresence for that party as well as my private events pages. Thank you guys for everything.


  • When does the course start and end?

    The course is completed on your time. You have lifetime access to the content and complete the videos and lessons at your convenience.

  • How much is the course and how do I pay?

    The master course is a one time $299 fee.

  • What is included in Get Down University?

    8 lessons plus a bonus lesson. Over 90 Videos. PDF guide to each lesson.

  • What happens after I purchase Get Down University?

    The process is extremely easy. After creating an account and completing the payment, you are good to go! You have access to all content.

  • What if GDU doesn't meet my needs? Do you have a refund policy?

    Get Down University offers a 100% money back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs. Refunds will not be issued after 7 days.

  • What if I have questions or need support?

    Contact [email protected]